Transformational Aquatics

Over the years teaching, I’ve come across many parents who merely rely completely on the teacher to discipline and teach their children. While it is ideal and imperative that the teacher oversees the class as well as the form of discipline, it is also very important for parents to met out Healthy rules, boundaries and limitations to the children when out of class.

And from an Observer point of view, I would love to share with any parent out there who finds it challenging to communicate to your child during crisis- tantrum throwing situations and not behaving according to YOUR rules. These are only some methods that I personally use in my swim classes and I find it effective for children who “misbehave” or simply “won’t listen.”

1. DO NOT start a shouting competition. Shouting and Screaming at the top of your lungs only makes matter worse. It makes children (and me personally…), close my ears to all forms of verbal communication. Try, if you will, to speak to the child, with your eyes directly in contact with your child, in a calm, firm tone. (Remember, frustration only creates more frustration and it makes understanding difficult for your child.)

2. Always follow through. If your child “breaks” any rules, remind him/her by meting out the consequences of rule breaking. (The consequence might be no tv time, get a time-out, or reduced pocket money.) For me, I usually reduce the play time at the end of the class, or increase the number of laps to practice.

3. Positive encouragement/ feedback/ praise. Be generous with your compliments when your child has done something well, within HIS/HER own abilities, not Your Expectations. This really motivates your child cultivate that particular healthy habit, and in the case of swim classes, to continue with their practice and have fun with learning new things.

Have a go at one or all of the above methods. And feel free to drop me a message if you have any more questions about dealing with “mis-behaviors”.


Lots of Love,




First and foremost, what comes to YOUR mind when you read those above words? Do you see yourself swooshing through the water like a mermaid? Do you see yourself floating with water without any cares or worries? Or do you see yourself plowing your way through and drinking gulps after gulps of water and not moving anywhere far from the starting point? Which ever you see, is merely an indication of what you think you can or cannot do, when it comes to swimming. Personally, swimming faster, yet with much ease, is about being relaxed, yet efficient. Relaxed, yet powerful. Relaxed, yet nearly effortless looking.

Swimming Faster and with Ease, does require the necessary basics, like rhythmic breathing, gliding, streamlining, body postures, bodily coordinations just to name a few. It doesn’t happen just like that, overnight. For people who have no basics at all, it is great to start picking the necessary skills from someone who can guide you along, step by step. Progressive learning and positive reinforcements is the key.

And for those who already possess basic swimming skills and are able to make your way across the pool without struggling and “drowning”, you could use these following tips I have personally practiced over the years.

1. Go for private Stroke Correction classes with a coach who specializes in stroke enhancements. I had the golden opportunity presented to me when I was a child.  My Chinese coach, Zhou Tong Wen helped my skills improve tremendously and up to today, 20 years later, I am still benefiting his teachings. While I do improvise a little, the basics that were imparted remains.

2. Practice practice practice. Practice until the new strokes become second nature. Better still, swim with a buddy who already knows the efficient strokes and is able to pin point what requires correction and adjustment. This can be highly effective when BOTH parties are committed to bringing out the BEST in each other.

3. Learn when to Relax the muscles and when to Exert. This not only “saves” you energy, it also allows you to swim further distances like a fish.

4. BREATHE. Just as you require oxygen, don’t forget YOUR MUSCLES- your arms and legs and every piece of you that you use, requires oxygen to be efficient. The better you can Breathe, the easier it is for You to swim with Ease.

5. Invest in a good pair of swim suit and goggles. Please only buy suits that are SNUG, not Loose. Lycra material tends to expand in water. You wouldn’t want to be caught swimming inside your bathing suit. Also, a good fitting suit reduces water resistance, making swimming easier. (That’s why top swimmers invest a lot of money on suits when they race. They really transform their skins into “fish scales”. Alternatively, and traditionally, some hard core swimmers go to the point of shaving all visible hairs on their bodies that are not in swimsuit.)

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any comments or more ideas, do share them with me. I would love to know more too.

Till next Wednesday, have a splashin’ Great Time!


What can Fear do to anybody, especially a human child?

Firstly, fear can really impede a child’s emotional, mental and physical development. The more fear a child has, the more physical “ailments” can be seen. Fear creates blockages in a being and any blockages will disrupt the natural flow of life force in the physical body. And with an under efficient flow of life force in the body, physical dis-eases start to show. Over a long period of time, the child, and anyone else for that matter, will suffer from fatigue, poor diet and posture, lack of focus and sometimes even depression. That’s just to name a few…

(Disease is merely a Separation from Ease: Dis-ease.)

Meanwhile, Adults like us, especially well-meaning adults, more often than not are the main sources of a child’s fear. I would like to repeat, More Often Than Not. Why? Because when we were growing up, we were also taught and programmed with countless senseless “rules and regulations” that are not true! For example “Don’t be naughty! Policeman catch you!” or “If you don’t sleep now, the bogeyman will come get you.” Better yet “You are a boy. And boys cannot cry!”. Last but not least “You are a girl. Cannot scream and shout!”

And we all grew up wondering why in the world were we taught that! Certainly it was effective for our parents, and our parents’ parents, to have a sense of control and discipline over us, but such programs do stay in the physical bodies at cellular levels. And the stronger and deeper the program of fear, the “larger” the dis-ease that manifest itself. Maybe Cancer, due to self anger. Or Heart Attack, due to fear of being loved and following one’s heart. Or maybe just a limp or two when walking, because the person no longer finds joy in moving on with life.

So many “rules” to be “perfect” in order to be “loved.”

My dear friends, we are meant to be who we choose to be, who we are, and who we want to be. We do have a choice and we did make personal choices even if we didn’t realize it. We are constantly making choices. We choose the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the kind of make up you want to put on your face. We’re all constantly choosing and the only difference is this: Are we choosing with Awareness or Unawareness. Are we making decisions based on Fear or based on Love.

With that, I would still stand my ground and say, as much as fear is necessary for us to grow towards love, for us to transform ourselves, it is also imperative that with a newer awareness and consciousness, that we start choosing and making decisions to raise our children based on Universal Love.

Many blessings to you,


Amongst all the young children I have coached and interacted with, I would say 80% of them were already keen and excited to be near or in the water with a stranger, that is me. And the remaining 20% do require a few weeks of weekly sessions to be adjusted to my presence.

In such cases, when a child is apprehensive and still feels insecure with a new person, I would highly recommend that even before signing up with a swim teacher, that the child is already exposed to his/her future teacher. This really eases the learning process for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, I am aware that not all parents will have this opportunity. But, the swim learning process can still be eased with unconventional methods. Personally, I choose to send reiki to calm and ease the situation. Sometimes I call for angelic assistance. Both methods had shown terrific and beautiful results.

On a more grounded level, being patient with your child and the situation will help a lot, as much as being detached from fear of having a crying child. Children will express their fears through crying, as well as throwing some tantrums, but it is part of their process of releasing fear. Let them do what they need and be calm and centered about their releasing process. For the most part, they usually stop crying in a short while.

Remember, whatever energy we are wearing at any situation, contributes to the outcome of the situation. The more calm, centered and focused we are in the present moment, the smoother and lighter things will go. The more tension and stress there is, the messier the situation. It had been tried and tested by yours sincerely. And because it is a spiritual law that we attract what we carry within ourselves, this applies to everyone, every single time. (Think the Law of Gravity. It works as long as you are on planet earth.)

With this, let’s all take charge of our lives, create for our children and us the fulfilling and nurturing experiences that we truly deserve.


Lots of Love,


You’ve read it right. Inner Child. Who the heavens is that? Most adults who are outside the sadly “infamous new age circle” might just wonder if all this is BS. Well, whichever way you choose to see it, that is the way that will be true for you.

Inner Child.

Who is this and why is this inner child important? Let’s find out.

Where have you been in your life that you felt really really, really really, awesomely ALIVE and HAVING FUN? That’s the time when your Inner Child is shining at its best. Pardon me, I’m using the word It, because the Inner Child is IT. The Inner Child is that part of the Source that is ever so Creative, Fun Loving and Magical. That IT is almost always the Funny, Playful, Highly Imaginative one.

Which is true to those who have found their way to It. (Personally, It is my Source of power. Some people call it the Higher Powers, some call it Buddha, while some call it God. Whatever you choose to call it, It is still the Same. IT never changes but It is all and It is all there is. Including You and Me.)

Let’s come back to that time when your Inner Child was Shining at its best. How did you feel? How did you express yourself then? Where were you? Who was with you? What were you guys doing? What were you talking about or laughing about or playing with? Do you remember?

Take some time to recall this magical moment for it was, and it is, through moments like these when we are most connected to our true Source. And finding and reconnecting with this true source is all that matters. It is a choice made by our souls to always be connected to Source no matter where we are and in all that we choose to do.

Remember the Power and the Joy you felt when your Inner Child was out in its full glory. Neither ashamed nor petrified. Neither shy nor fearful. Inner Child that is connected to God always feels the Love and the Joy. Remember it. And Re-Member it into your life today.

For when your inner child is nurtured, you’ll start to create endless possibilities with your life…

You’ll feel Free, Fun and yet very loved. More loved than you can ever imagine with your human consciousness.

You’ll be able to soar, Be at your fullest potential; Be at Ease and at Peace and thus, help many more people than you can ever imagine. Especially those who hold very precious places in your heart. People like your spouse, your children, your parents. People like your soulmate(s).

It all starts with Us. Forgive what had happened in your past, that has led you to believe that you are not loved, simply by being you. Forgiveness sets no one else but You, Free.

With all my love,


“STOP RUNNING NOW!”, “NO!”, “I’ve told you many times, and this is the last time Mummy is going to say this. STOP IT! AND BEHAVE YOURSELF!”

I am sure as parents, these are usually the kind of words that flow out of you all when you are upset and almost at your wits end with your children’s behavior. Many of you I suppose, have taken your child to be acessed by doctors and psychologists, hoping to find out what’s really wrong with your loved children. Why can’t they just listen to me? You and many out there might ask.

As a swim teacher with 10 years of experience, and having been around children with heightened sensitivity to other worldly energies as well as physical drug allergies or food allergies, I’ve been reading up on how I can assist these children to “fit” into this ever “un-evolving” world of the past generation. Children at this time and space have been given psychic gifts such as a highly intuitive abilities, healing abilities and the ability to touch the hearts of thousands and thousands (if not millions) of people all over the world within a short period of time, before returning to Source. They have come forth this time and space to assist humans to evolve to higher level of consciousness and love and the wisdom that these young ones pass on to the “older” generation is imperative for our growth and spiritual evolution.

With this short introduction to these special children, and some of which are actually adults, I hereby would love to share my experiences with as many of you as possible. Take in what resonates and leave the rest behind here. Read with an open heart and and open mind so you may assist not only your child to learn and grow, but also your loved ones around you too. Including yourself. Namaste.

Tip number 1. There are many books written out there regarding crystal children or indigos. Search for them and the answers you seek will always be there.

Tip number 2. Remember that we are all here to evolve as human beings, with our spirituality Intact. It is a real help to everyone involved in this situation relating to your child, if you allow yourself to see things from a loving, higher perspective. Your child is here to teach you about another level of love and gratitude, wisdom and light. And in exchange, you assist your child with physical and material supplies needed to be on planet earth. Your child will be thankful for it, even if he or she might not be able to express it in the way that you understand.

Tip number 3. Be really patient with Yourself as you explore newer and loving-er ways to nurture not only your child, but yourself too. How you are going to take care of your child, depends on your perspective of self love. The more loving and respectful you are towards yourself, the more honest you are about your emotions andfeelings, the better equipped you are in managing and taking care of your child’s “heightened” sensitivity in this world. Remember, we are all here to experience earthly love as well as evolve as spiritual beings.

Compassion towards self and others is one of the keys to creating the peaceful world you and millions of others think about every day.

With Love & Wisdom,